Suspected burglary ring hitting Twin Cities metro

Investigators are warning residents to keep a close eye on their property as a suspected burglary ring has been hitting cars and homes across the Twin Cities metro in recent weeks.

Even though law enforcement has made some arrests, homeowners are still worried because the burglaries keep happening.

Jason Notermann is one of more than a dozen homeowners who had their homes and cars broken into in Victoria early Thursday morning. 

"Everyone is feeling very violated; they got into our personal space," he said.

Notermann says the burglars got into his house through a garage door opener that had been left in an unlocked car while he and his family were sleeping. The thieves made off with more than just his sense of security.

"They got a couple hundred dollars cash,” said Notermann. “A few things, a garage door opener, keys to a car." 

Investigators believe the crimes are connected to a sophisticated burglary ring that has hit several communities particularly in the west metro since the beginning of May. Earlier this week, authorities charged two men for a burglary in Otsego, but they say as many as 50 suspects could be involved in this burglary spree.

“There hasn't been any violence up until this point with any of these entries, but the concern is not only for the residents, but the suspects who enter this home and face a homeowner,” said Sgt. Rick Denneson of West Metro Public Safety. “We are concerned there is going to be a confrontation and something terrible is going to happen.”

Notermann hopes the burglaries are a wakeup call for his neighborhood and he plans to sleep with one eye open from now on.

"We let our hair down and that won't happen ever again," he said.

Authorities advise the best way to protect yourself is to lock everything up at night and remove any valuables or garage door openers from your cars. They also urge residents to lock their door between their garage and home.