Survey: Minnesota among top 10 'best states to live in'

A new survey from the personal finance website WalletHub ranks Minnesota as the ninth-best state to live in for 2022.

The survey awards a total of 100 possible points to each state in five different categories worth 20 points each: affordability, economy, education, quality of life, and safety.

Minnesota just edged out Wisconsin for the ninth spot by .07 of a point.

Also making the top ten are: 1.) Massachusetts (62.65 points), 2.) New Jersey (62.01), 3.) New York (60.64), 4.) Idaho (58.73), 5.) Virginia (58.73), 6.) New Hampshire (58.25), 7.) Florida (58.07), and 8.) Wyoming (58.00).

It should be noted, that the concept of "best state" is purely subjective and up to personal preference. Also, obviously, one's living experience can vary widely within a city or town and even more so across an entire state. WalletHub uses a variety of factors to determine its rankings pulling from public and government data.

Some parts of the WalletHub formula are questionable. For example, in the "safety" category, its model gives double weight (7.27 points) to property crimes but normal weight (3.64 points) to violent crime.

While transportation stats like average commute, access to public transportation, traffic congestion, and quality of roads (four separate metrics) are only worth a total of 5.58 points.

You can click here to see a full list of WalletHub's metrics for yourself.