Surdyk's to face steeper fine, fewer days suspended under new agreement

A new agreement inked Friday lowers the number of days Minneapolis-based Surdyk's Liquor would be forced to close, but increases the fine for starting Sunday alcohol sales early last March.

The new Minnesota state law that allows for liquor sales on Sundays is set to take effect July 2, well after Surdyk's opened on Sunday, March 12. In the days since then, owner Jim Surdyk and city officials have been going back and forth on what they believe is the appropriate punishment.

Under the new proposal, which is up for a vote in Minneapolis' Community Development and Regulatory Services Committee Tuesday, owner Jim Surdyk faces a $50,000 fine and a suspension affecting three Sundays--July 2, 9 and 16. Surdyk would have to pay the fine by May 31.

If approved, the measure then proceeds to the full Council for final approval. 

The agreement comes on the heels of a $6,000 fine and 10-day suspension, which was called for under a previous agreement that was voted down by the Minneapolis City Council.