Sunflower garden brings peace to Allina Crossroads Clinic

Sunflowers grow outside the Allina Crossroads Clinic in Buffalo.

People from all walks of life headed to Buffalo, Minnesota on Tuesday to check out the sunflowers outside the Allina Crossroads Clinic.

The clinic was the site of a tragic shooting that took the life of Lindsay Overbay and injured four others back in February. Now, a sunflower garden grows at the site to spread peace to the community.

The field is one of 10 planted this year by Johnny Olson of Fish Sunflowers in his annual project to spread hope. 

"I think it’s great, and if you look at the sunflowers, they all happen to be pointing towards the clinic," said Molly, a visitor.

Audrey Gingerich and Susan Stinson said they try to visit as many fields as they can.

"He’s just such a great guy," Audrey said. "He does amazing things for the communities that he goes to."

"It’s trying to make a sense of calm in this crazy world, and I think this field in particular is trying to do that," Susan added.