Students sue Eastern Carver County Schools over racial discrimination concerns

Six African-American students and their parents are filing a lawsuit against Eastern Carver County Schools, claiming the district hasn't done enough to address racism. 

The lawsuit claims the students were called racist names, physically assaulted, racially profiled and even threatened to be killed because of their skin color. 

This comes after a series of incidents targeting African-American students at Chaska High School. 

The school district will not comment on specific litigation, but in a message to Attorney General Keith Ellison, Superintendent Clint Christopher says the district is committed to an environment where all students feel safe.    

“Our School Board, and our district staff, are committed to an educational environment where all students feel safe, welcome, and included, and have the tools and resources to succeed,” read the message. “We have not yet realized that for every student, and have been working in earnest to move the needle and improve outcomes for every child that walks through our doors.”