String of armed burglaries near Phillips prompts Minneapolis Police investigation

A string of burglaries near the Phillips area of Minneapolis has prompted an investigation by Minneapolis Police.

MPD said the seven separate burglaries all occurred while residents were home and involved knives or guns.

In a release, the department said they believe the burglaries are related and may involve more than one suspect. No injuries have been reported.

The incidences took place in the Phillips West, Central, Ventura Village and Midtown Phillips neighborhoods.

From the Minneapolis Police Department:

MPD encourages community members to:

Talk to your neighbors about these incidents and ask them to be alert to suspicious activity. We need everyone’s help.   If you don’t have a block club or it has been inactive, now is the time to get it going.

Check your windows and doors even if you are home.  Make sure they are locked.  Basement and first level windows should have second reinforcement on them such as pinning or track fillers.

Make your home look occupied when you are not at home.  Leave lights or a radio/television on.

Call 9-1-1 if you see anything suspicious, such as someone walking around houses on your block, or looking in windows.

If you are a victim of burglary, report it immediately by calling 911.  Inform the responding officers if you see something that may have been handled or left behind by the suspect (cigarette butt, pop can, etc.).

Anyone with information on these burglaries is encouraged to call the 3rd Precinct Crime Prevention Specialist Kali Pliego at 612-673-3482 or email her at