State Rep. Melissa Hortman named Speaker of the Minnesota House

Members of the DFL party gathered Thursday night to determine its new leadership in the Minnesota House.

After Tuesday's election, Minnesota became the only divided Legislature in the country.

A few hours after a caucus meeting, State Representative Melissa Hortman announced she will be the new Speaker of the Minnesota House. Hortman, who represents District 36B, was the House Minority Leader.

Hortman says while it's unlikely both sides will agree on issues such as gun reform and health care reform, she is optimistic they will be able to work together.  

"We have some very significant unfinished business from the last session and so we will get started right away looking at tax conformity," said State Rep. Hortman. 

Representative-elect Ryan Winkler was elected House Majority Leader. He previously served in the House from 2007 to 2015. Representative Liz Olson, who represents Duluth, was elected Majority Whip. 

The DFL majority will consist of 75 members, pending a possible recount in District 5A.