St. Paul & Minneapolis declare Snow Emergency

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St. Paul declared a Snow Emergency Sunday morning, putting the one-side residential parking ban on hold at 4 p.m.

This means:

  • no parking on NIGHT PLOW ROUTES from 9 p.m.-7 a.m
  • can park on both sides, but leave room for emergency vehicles
  • Monday no parking on DAY PLOW ROUTES from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.
  • Monday from 5 p.m. until Tuesday at 8 a.m. park only in areas that have been plowed the full width.
  • Tuesday at 8 a.m. Snow Emergency parking rules end, one-side parking ban back in effect. 

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According to a city of St. Paul spokesperson, crews have been out ticketing and towing during these snowy months of 2019 to enforce these parking restrictions. 

  • Jan. 28: 3,277 citations, 497 tows
  • Feb. 8: 2,761 citations, 477 tows
  • Feb. 12: 2,899 citations, 624 tows
  • Feb. 20: 2,330 citations, 414 tows
  • Feb. 24: 2,770 citations, 418 tows
  • March 1: 3,144 citations, 417 tows

Minneapolis Snow Emergency

The City of Minneapolis declared a Snow Emergency Sunday, March 10. Parking parking rules take effect at 9 p.m.

The one-sided Winter Parking Restrictions are temporarily suspended beginning at 4 p.m. Sunday and resume 8 a.m. Wednesday, March 13. 

Sunday, March 10 (Day 1) 
4 p.m. to 8 p.m. -- Winter Parking Restrictions are suspended. Drivers may start moving their cars on to EITHER side of non-Snow Emergency routes.

9 p.m. to 8 a.m.  -- Do not park on EITHER side of Snow Emergency routes until 8 a.m. or the street is fully plowed.

Monday, March 11 (Day 2)

8 a.m. to 8 pm. -- Do not park on the EVEN numbered side of non-Snow Emergency routes until 8 p.m., or that side of the street is fully plowed, or on EITHER side of parkways until 8 p.m., or the parkway is fully plowed.

Tuesday, March 12 (Day 3)

8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Day 3) -- Do not park on the ODD numbered side of non-Snow Emergency routes until 8 p.m., or that side of the street is fully plowed. Between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., drivers should move their vehicles from the EVEN numbered sides of non-Snow Emergency Routes as Winter Parking Restrictions will resume.

Wednesday, March 13, 8 a.m.

Winter Parking Restrictions resume.

During Winter Parking Restrictions parking is banned on the EVEN numbered side of non-Snow-Emergency-routes until April 1, unless conditions allow the City to lift the ban earlier. Parking is allowed on Snow Emergency routes, parkways, and the ODD numbered side of non-Snow Emergency-routes, unless otherwise posted. 

For more information, call the automated 612-348-SNOW hotline or go to