St. Paul firefighters revive two cats after five-year-old starts apartment fire

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"Good news! Engine 15 revived the 2nd cat, too! It was unconscious and when found. Here's the captain returning him to owner," the St. Paul Fire Department Posted on Twitter Thursday.

Firefighters revived two unconscious cats while responding to a blaze in St. Paul Thursday afternoon, returning the animals to their owners alive and well after the scare, officials said. 

Engine 15 responded to an apartment building at 1174 E. 4th St. around 2:45 p.m., putting the fire out quickly and recovering the two cats.

The fire was started by a five-year-old child playing in his bedroom, prompting officials to release a statement on Facebook promoting their youth program.

"If you know of a child who has started fires or played with fire in Saint Paul, please call 651-228-6203 for our Youth Fire Play Intervention Program. We can help!" the post read.