St. Paul boy grabbed by man in bushes, slashed with knife

A 14-year student was randomly attacked by a man with a knife after getting off the school bus in St. Paul last Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 16. According to the criminal complaint, 30-year-old Darell Deandray Johnson emerged from the bushes on the 400 block of Carroll Avenue, grabbed the boy in a bear hug and began to slash him with a knife.

The boy fell to the ground and kicked his attacker, but Johnson continued to slash the student several times on his face and body. The boy escaped with 3 cuts to his face and minor cuts to his arms and legs. The boy’s shirt was also slashed from his chest to his abdomen.

The boy told police the man who attacked him had “dirty, nappy hair and an unkempt beard.” He added that the man grunted during the attack, but never said a word.

Johnson has been charged with second-degree assault for the Carroll Avenue attack. His criminal history includes 22 convictions, mostly for aggressive solicitation.

Complicating the case, St. Paul police confirmed that Johnson is battling mental health issues, and the department has worked with him to get the proper treatment and care he apparently needs.

The injured student is doing fine, and his injuries didn’t require any stitches. He has since returned to school.