St. Francis schools superintendent gets bus driver's license amid shortage

School districts across the country are dealing with a shortage of bus drivers. But a superintendent in the St. Francis school district said if she’s going to put a shout-out for drivers, she should also step up and get her license.

Thursday, Superintendent Beth Giese was stepping up to be the second pair of eyes, or education assistant, to make sure everyone gets home safe. Now, she’s adding to her resume after taking the test for a license to drive a school bus. She was excited to do so, but she also said the shortage of drivers made it crucial.

"We weren't getting the subs and things that we needed I eventually just thought well, why not?" she explained.

For Giese, it wasn’t a real stretch because of her military background.

"I was in the military for 12 years and I drove semis," she tells FOX 9.

Now, she says she is ready and will sub in as necessary. She hopes it will help to keep her from making another tough call like the one she had to yesterday. "We had to call a route and say, 'Ya know we’re not bringing you to school today.' And that is heartbreaking."

After posting about getting her license on social media, she has actually inspired several people to take the test as well. On top of a board member and the director of finance in the district, seven people in the community called in to say they’re putting in an application.

"We are just elated," she says. "I thought it was something kind of silly, I was posing like a 16 year old getting my license and the effect was amazing our community said let me help you."

Giese and the others running the district say no matter what they stay positive and make things work - even if riding or driving a school bus isn’t in the superintendent's wheelhouse.