St. Cloud woman charged for allegedly attacking neighbor, bicyclist with ax

A St. Cloud woman is facing charges for allegedly attacking her neighbor and a bicyclist with an ax Saturday morning. 

Shelley Goff, 53, of St. Cloud is charged with two counts of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon in Saturday’s alleged ax attack. 

According to the charges, a resident said he was on a ladder working on his house when Goff came over holding an ax. She approached him while he was still on the ladder and swung the ax at him, but he jumped off the ladder to get away. She then began striking a tree with the axe while yelling that his house was her property and he needed to leave. 

Goff then began yelling incoherent things at a passing bicyclist and then ran towards her with the ax screaming, the charges say. 

Officers arrived around 11:30 a.m. and saw Goff standing on her front porch with a long wooden-handled ax in her hand. They approached her and advised her to put the ax down, but she refused. Officers deployed a Taser, but it was ineffective and she retreated into her house. 

Officers heard Goff inside her house screaming and breaking things. They obtained a search warrant and entered her house, where they found the long wooden-handled ax on the kitchen floor and another black-handled ax in the garage as well as numerous bats, crowbars and crossbows throughout the home. 

They located Goff in an upstairs bedroom. She attempted to flee by breaking a window with a bat, but was ultimately arrested.