St. Cloud Police: Man, son discarded deer carcasses on cars in YMCA parking lot

Police in St. Cloud, Minnesota say a man and his teenage son discarded deer carcasses on someone else’s car in a YMCA parking lot Wednesday night.

Around 9:40 p.m., a person using the YMCA on the 2000 block of Stockinger Drive returned to his vehicle to find one of the carcasses on it. Another victim, who was not associated with the first victim, was notified by police that the same had been done to their car.

After reviewing surveillance video, police identified a 62-year-old male from St. Cloud and his 14-year-old son as those responsible for the act. The video showed the 14-year-old placing the carcasses while the father sat in a vehicle.

The two suspects also used the YMCA that evening and discarded the carcasses after they left.

According to police, the suspects did not case the lot or examine any of the vehicles.

In an interview, the suspects told police they needed to get rid of the carcasses and chose to dump them on the vehicles. Police do not believe the suspects know either of the victims in the incident. No damage was done to either vehicle.

Both victims are Somali-American, and police looked into whether that was a factor in their cars being chosen. Police say there was nothing visible in the victim’s vehicles that would identify their race.

The report is now being forwarded to the City Attorney for charges.