Spending breakdown of Gov. Dayton's $842 million 'jobs bill'

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton is calling his $842 million spending proposal a "jobs bill" that will address many of the state's critical infrastructure needs, while strengthening Minnesota's economy.

Gov. Dayton's spending priorities

Education - $211 million

Economic development - $169 million

Parks and historic sites - $124 million

Environmental protection - $99 million

Corrections, public safety and human services - $97 million

Rail safety improvements - $79 million

Veterans and military affairs - $16 million

Other - $47 million

A complete list of projects is available at http://www.mn.gov/governor/images/fact_sheet_jobs_bill.pdf 

42 days to finish budget

State lawmakers are returning from their spring break, with just 42 days to craft a two-year, $40 billion budget. The legislative session ends May 18.

Lawmakers also have to decide what to do with the state's $1.9 billion surplus. Gov. Dayton would like to spend the surplus on education and transportation, but Republicans would like to see tax cuts.