Southern Minnesota couple shares how they recovered from COVID-19

This couple from Southern Minnesota says they have recovered from COVID-19 and want to show others that the virus isn't always deadly.

A couple in Southern Minnesota is proving even people in high-risk groups with underlying health conditions can make full recoveries from COVID-19.

Annette and Larry Bremer are just about back to normal again and are relieved to have come out on the other side of the virus.

The couple, from Marin County, wants to remind people that people are surviving this virus, but everyone needs to take precautions like staying home and social distancing seriously.

“Looking back, I didn’t realize how sick I was,” said Annette. “There were days, 3, 4, 8 days. I just laid there in my easy chair a long time.”

Bremer believes she and her husband were exposed to COVID-19 somewhere in their small community in Martin County, which has become a hotbed of cases.

“There’s 21 cases right in our neighborhood,” Annette added. “There’s six cases within our church and we have a very small church.”

Larry only experienced fatigue and a headache, so he never even realized he could have the virus.

“After a week or so of that I was fine,” he said. “I was at work every day.”

Then Annette got really sick. Plus, she had an underlying lung condition which made everything worse.

“About 9 p.m. that night, I came home and was sitting in my easy chair and felt like I had been hit by a bus and it just kind of went downhill from there,” Annette said.

She spent several days in the hospital and the rest slowly recovering at home. At times, she couldn’t’ even move.

Now nearly 14 days later, she’s feeling much more like herself and wants people to have hope that they’ll survive this contagious virus.

“That’s why we wanted to put it out there is to hit home that yes, there are going to be some people who get very, very sick and some people have died obviously but the majority of us are going to be OK, we are going to come out of this OK,” Larry said.

Larry was eventually tested and he did have COVID-19, but he still did not have symptoms. This, they say, proved the importance of staying home because you never know when you could be spreading the virus to others and have no idea.

The couple is now officially out of their isolation period.

Around the world, tens of thousands of people are recovering from COVID-19. Johns Hopkins University says 150,000 people have recovered from coronavirus worldwide.