Some Minnesota small businesses re-open as lawmaker calls for more

The list of essential businesses, or those exempt from the stay-at-home order, has grown, but some lawmakers say just about everyone should be allowed to be back in business.

For instance, florists around the state had been frustrated that, while food delivery was OK, flower delivery was not. So, when the state finally gave florists the go-ahead, Vicki Anderson says it was just in time.

“To me, I knew with Easter coming it was important to be able to have family connect,” said Anderson, the owner of The Vinery. “And sending an Easter lily, sending fresh flowers, because a lot of people are Facetiming now.”

State officials released a new list of businesses considered essential or exempt and it’s so big it’s easier to say who is not on the list. Even so, the Governor is taking some heat for not opening things back up even more. Minnesota’s top Republican, Sen. Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, tweeted he did not approve of the Governor’s decision.

“We have to get on with our lives,” he said, before indicating in another tweet that Minnesota is reacting like it’s New York.

“Yes, I’m tired of this. I’m frustrated by this my heart breaks for the people worried about their economic wellbeing but you can’t get frustrated, go on a hunch, throw caution to the wind and pretend that our neighbors’ lives are somehow disposable, because the health experts are telling me this,” Anderson said.

The last few weeks have meant much change for business owners like Anderson. A friend of hers with a landscaping company will be back open tomorrow, but there are still a lot of people struggling through the restrictions.