Solidarity March in Minneapolis, day after Yanez verdict

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Demonstrators gathered for the Solidarity March Against Police Violence and White Silence on Saturday blocked traffic on North Hennepin Avenue after speeches in Loring Park.

The march was hosted by Nekima Levy-Pounds, a civil rights lawyer and activist. During an opening speech at the gathering, she said she hopes to see intersectional solidarity between movements like the Women's March and previous protests in response to the shooting death of Philando Castile.

“Know that we do not see justice in the case,” said Levy-Pounds. “We don't see justice in this case.”

The event's Facebook page invited all to gather at Loring Park to listen to speakers.

After speakers, the group moved down Hennepin Avenue, blocking downtown traffic as many were heading to the Twins game.

The group of about 200 protesters sat in multiple intersections as well as the light rail tracks on 5th St. The crowd then circled back to the First Precinct of the Minneapolis Police Department.


The event's page states, "Yesterday's disturbing verdict finding Yanez not guilty of killing Philando Castile demonstrated once again that 'business-as-usual' is in full effect in Minnesota."

The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) released a statement on Saturday, as well, calling for peaceful and lawful protests in the wake of the verdict.

Their statement also said, "We acknowledge the continued need for ongoing police accountability measures that restrict overzealous use of force fully recognizing the often discriminate toll of minority communities have faced."

This is in response to the not-guilty verdict of officer Jeronimo Yanez announced on Friday. Yanez was on trial for shooting Philando Castile last year during a traffic stop.