Skol! Vikings unveils specialty license plate

Courtesy of Minnesota Vikings (Supplied)

The Minnesota Vikings Foundation released the design for a new specialty license plate on Tuesday that will be available starting next year. 

A new law passed during the 2023 legislation session allows fans to buy professional sports team plates bearing the team’s logo if they contribute $30 annually to charitable foundations associations with the respective team.

The specialty plate costs an additional $30 on top of the standard license plate fees. The Minnesota Vikings Foundation announced the sports plate proceeds will go towards its mission "to advance children’s health and education initiatives." 

"This is an excellent way for the Foundation to connect with Minnesota Vikings fans and generate dollars that make a direct and positive impact on children throughout the state," said Brett Taber, Vikings vice president of social impact and executive director of the Minnesota Vikings Foundation, in a statement. 

The plates will be available for purchase in January 2024. Fans can register online here to receive a notification when the plate is available. Once purchased, the new plates will be shipped directly to your home. 

These plates join several other special license plates available in Minnesota, including one for Minnesota State Parks, critical habitats, state colleges and more.