Sister of man killed in St. Paul officer-involved shooting copes with her grief

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Nearly one week has passed since Bill Hughes was fatally shot by two St. Paul police officers. As his family waits for answers, they are also trying to cope as best they can with their loss.    

Libby Meyers, Bill’s sister, said the funeral for her brother took place Friday morning. She said she was his closest relative, making it difficult to say goodbye.

“My little brother is gone,” Meyers said. “I'm never going to see him again. I didn't get to say goodbye. I'm going to miss him a lot."

For most of their lives, Libby and her brother Bill were more than just siblings - they were best friends.

"He was adventurous, he liked skateboarding, snowboarding, camping, hiking, fishing - anything outdoors," Meyers said.

She said growing up in Plymouth with their dad, Jim, and her grandparents, she practically raised her little brother. However, she hadn't seen him in five years because he had developed a substance abuse problem and she didn't want that behavior around her child.

"I told him, ‘I love you. When you are done with that or want help with it - tell me,’” Meyers said. “I don't know if it was still going on when he died."

She said she was shocked to learn Bill had been shot and killed by officers Vincent Adams and Matthew Jones. Investigators said the officers were responding to a 911 call of shots fired at Hughes' apartment building early Sunday morning. 

Unlike some other family members who have been critical of police, Meyers said she won't rush to judgment before all the facts are in.

"He was a good person," Meyers said. “I'm thinking the police were probably justified warranted what happened, but of course we don't know that yet. But I feel for any officer who ever has to shoot anybody."

For now, Libby Meyers holds on to the memories of better days, while mourning the loss of a little brother and best friend.

"It’s a horrible tragedy,” she said. “It sucks to lose a love one.”

The St. Paul police chief is hoping to release the officer's body cam video by the end of next week. Libby said while she wants to see what happened, it will be horrible to watch her brother die in front her.