Seven-year-old St. Cloud boy dies in apparent drowning

A seven-year-old St. Cloud boy died in an apparent drowning in the Mississippi River at a St. Cloud park, according to St. Cloud police.

Just before 11:30 a.m. Friday, officers responded to a report of a child in a river at Munsinger Park at 1515 Riverside Drive Southeast.

Police learned two brothers, a five-year-old and a seven-year-old, had been playing in river. The seven-year-old boy went underneath the water and didn't come back up.

Nearly a half hour later, firefighters in a rescue boat found the boy unresponsive in the river. Emergency crews attempted to revive him and took him to St. Cloud Hospital where the boy later died.

"This is just a sad day for everybody. We're going to be feeling this for a while. Anytime you lose a child in your community, its a terrible thing," said Assistant St. Cloud Police Chief Jeff Oxton.

Officials identified the boy as seven-year-old Fuad Abdirisak Rahey of St. Cloud.

Trish Lowery lives across the street and ran down after hearing siren after siren whizz by. She grew up along the river and says while it's beautiful, its also deceptively dangerous.

"I know there are currents and they are tricky currents," said Lowery.  "My father was a fireman in the 1950s and he quit being a fireman because he was pulling so many bodies out of the river. Losing a son is the worst thing in the world. I've lost a son. Losing a son has got to be the worst thing in the world for anybody."

The case is still under investigation. Foul play is not suspected.