Searches continue for wanted fugitive in Paynesville, Minn.

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Authorities north of the metro are still searching for a man wanted for failing to register as a predatory offender. Ryan Clover, 28, was spotted last week in Paynesville, Minn. but still remains at large.

The search for wanted fugitive Clover continues in Paynesville as well as other parts of the state. Up and down his road everyone is talking about it and would like to see it over sooner than later.

In the small town of Paynesville, the sounds of summer are fading, replaced with the white noise of a man hunt.

"People are getting a little nervous wondering what's going on,” one neighbor said.

The theories are endless. Clover has been on the run since last month. He’s a convicted felon wanted for not registering as a sex offender and for threats he allegedly made against police.

On the wiffle ball field, Clover's vanishing act has earned the nickname "ghost runner.” According to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the search area stretches from Minnesota to Wisconsin and includes Isanti, Polk, Pine and Burnett counties

But it's Paynesville that remains the center of attention.  Last month, Fox 9 captured dramatic chopper video of police in military style vehicles rolling through town.

Unlike Clover, rumors in this small town are pretty easy to find.  Investigators say there is no reason to believe he is armed.  And they’re releasing pictures of his distinctive tattoos hoping public anxiety will soon turn to a solid lead.

If you have any information regarding Ryan Clover's whereabouts you are urged to contact the BCA at (651) 793-7000.