How to save money while gardening: Garden Guy

Gardening is one hobby that can actually save you money. 

FOX 9's Garden Guy Dale K has tips for saving money while gardening, from your lawn to watering your plants. 

To start, Dale encourages you to go to the garden store with a list so you don't buy things you don't need.

One of the most labor- and money-intensive things in your yard is the lawn itself. From mowing (gas money) to fertilizer and watering, the cost can add up for taking care of your lawn. Instead, think about using a lawn alternative/ground cover, especially in shaded areas where grass struggles to grow. 

To save water, adding extra mulch to your garden is a great way to use less water. Watering kits and rain drip kits are also great options (and are relatively inexpensive to purchase) as they help get water exactly where it's needed and use a lot less water. 

Vinegar, an inexpensive household staple, makes a great weed killer and is a fraction of the cost of any weed killer you may buy at a garden store. You can also use it to clean up pots and your windows. 

Growing plants from seeds is really inexpensive and allows you to grow your own food. You can still plant seeds this time of year to grow food year-round, including peas and lettuce. Buying starter plants or smaller plants also helps your wallet when at the garden store - a general rule is the smaller the cell pack or container, the less expensive it is. The difference is usually just the age of the plant (and often the price), and Dale K says the smaller plants will often grow quicker and establish faster in your garden. 

One of the easiest things to do is not pay for fertilizer. Instead, start composting. Dale K's simple dos and don'ts for composting are: compost fruit/veggie scraps, grass clippings and coffee grounds/tea bags. Don't compost dairy/meat, pet waste or diseased plants. 

Attracting beneficial insects to your yard will also help reduce the cost of sprays to keep mites and flies out of your garden.