Saudi nurse breaks down as he's forced to refuse son's hug after work

A video recorded in Saudi Arabia perfectly captures the emotional toll of the coronavirus.

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In the heartbreaking video, Naser Ali Al-Shahrani, a nurse working Riyadh, returns home from working at the hospital and refuses a hug from his son.

As the boy, Mohamed, runs up to his father with open arms, Naser says “No, no!” and then grows upset that he cannot hug his son.

By sharing the video, Al-Shahrani hopes that he can “touch the hearts of the people who do not follow the lockdown rules or other precautions, such as avoiding handshakes.”

The coronavirus has infected 585,343 people globally, with 26,853 deaths. While the numbers continue to climb, not everyone believes the disease is nearly as serious as medical and epidemiology experts say.  The World Health Organization classified it a pandemic.

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Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, has reported at least 1,012 cases, with only three deaths.

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