10 shot, 1 fatally during after-prom party in San Bernardino

One person was killed and nine others injured during a shooting in San Bernardino Friday night.  

Officers with the San Bernardino Police Department responded to a shopping plaza at the 3600 block of E. Highland Avenue just before midnight.

When officers arrived on scene, they located one victim dead outside a business. They say nine other people were shot while attending a party. 

One of the victims was as young as 10 years old and another was 12 years old. Many of those people transported themselves to the hospital. Their conditions are not known. 

"I hear pop, pop, pop. The oldest one got into the front seat, the other victim I had in my car was scrunched down into the bottom part. But the blood right here is from my child that was shot in the thigh," said the grandmother of one of the victims.  

Surveillance footage from a nearby 7-Eleven shows the girls asking for help before being taken to the hospital.  

Witnesses and some family members say the victims were attending an after-prom party at the Blue Flame Lounge. They believe an altercation occurred between two groups of people. 

"I heard more gunshots and then we all got up, started trying to get underneath each other to not get hit," said witness Lamiyah Ramos.  

The person who died was only identified by family as a 20-year-old man. His family told FOX 11 that they believe he was an innocent bystander who was caught in the middle of crossfire.

Police are looking for the suspect(s) responsible for the shooting. A clear motive is unknown.