Roo Roo the 2-legged dog, girl born without arms discover they're not alone

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Roo Roo the two-legged dog, aptly named for the way she hops like a kangaroo got a new set of wheels a few weeks ago, and now, she has a new friend.

They say it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but that isn't stopping Roo Roo the Wonderdog from taking her new set of training wheels for a spin. We first told you about the 4-year-old terrier a couple of months ago when Secondhand Hounds rescued her from a high-kill shelter in Kentucy and brought her to a foster home in Minnesota to get a second chance.

She doesn't have her two front legs, but she does everything other dogs do, just on two paws instead of four.

"She is just determined to do things. Nothing is stopping her. Not even baby gates,” her foster parent Eileen Hill said.

Since then, Roo Roo has also become friends with someone else who knows what it’s like to overcome obstacles.
R.E. Pranke was born without arms, and her mother wanted her to meet someone dealing with a similar situation.

"We saw the story on Channel 9. I just thought it was really cool that she didn't have front legs. I just thought it would be good for R.E. to see something else that can adapt just as well as she can,” her mother Carlyn Pranke said.

At some point in life, all of us need a helping hand.

"She just said Roo Roo is just like she is. She thinks it’s pretty cool to meet people and animals who are just like she is,” she said.

Even though, there are bumps in the road, sometimes knowing we're not alone is all we need to press on.

"That’s the goal right now is to take a special dog who has a lot of life and love and give them the ability to keep on going so that's what we've done,” Hill said.

Once Roo Roo gets used to her new cart, she'll eventually go up for adoption. She will be at Secondhand Hounds in Eden Prairie from 12 to 5 on Thursday for Give to the Max Day.