Richfield police squad car hits motorcycle, injuring 2 people

A Richfield police squad car struck a motorcycle on Saturday near the intersection of 67th Street and Portland Avenue, injuring a husband and wife.

Dave Smittkamp walked away from the crash with some cuts and bruises, but his wife Lisa was hospitalized with a broken pelvis. The couple was riding home on their motorcycle from the Richfield fireworks celebration when the incident occurred.

Dave said the police SUV heading north on Portland Avenue drove right in front of his motorcycle in the southbound lane. 

“I couldn't do anything to avoid it,” Dave said.

Missi Gonzalez and Cassy Partch witnessed the whole incident. Both said the female officer was driving alone, and turning into the police station parking lot before the crash.

“She shouldn't have turned because they had the right of way,” Gonzalez said.

As the crowds gathered, Gonzalez snapped a photo of the aftermath. But that's when she said Richfield police started to get more aggressive as they tried to control the situation.

“The police officer said we don't need your statement, there are cameras on the car,” Gonzalez said.

After multiple requests, Richfield police refused to release the public incident report or comment on the situation, which is the same silent treatment Smittkamp said he's getting.

“I would like for someone to say ‘we're sorry,’ you know what I mean?” Dave said.

The couple said they plan to file a lawsuit against Richfield police for causing the crash.

Richfield police statement
Released at 4:07 p.m. July 6

"On July 4, 2015 at approximately 2228 hours a Richfield Police Officer was involved in a motor vehicle accident while on-duty.  The accident occurred in the 6700 block of Portland Ave. S. in Richfield.  The other vehicle involved was a Can-Am motorcycle (three wheeled vehicle). The driver and passenger of this vehicle were transported to the hospital for treatment of their injuries.  The officer was not injured. The incident is currently under investigation by the Minnesota State Patrol."