Restaurants continue to find ways to adapt as Minnesota’s stay at home order is extended

The governor’s extended stay at home order also means restaurants and bars continue to be closed to dine-in customers.

It’s forced those businesses to come up with creative ways to carry on and that’s exactly what one family-owned restaurant is doing to stay afloat.

When you call Bacio in Minnetonka, you can bet someone will pick up. Because even when everything feels different right now, some things don’t change: People still love to eat.

"We have a very loyal clientele and that’s really helped us now," said Bacio owner Jill Tinsley.

What has changed is how customers are getting their food.

"We’re reaching them out by curb now," said Jill Tinsley.

The Tinsley family has had to adapt and there have been highs and lows.

"We furloughed basically 90 percent of our staff and we have 88 people who work here," explained Bob Tinsley. "Since then, we’ve been trying to Figure out what’s the next step."

It’s curbside pickup, adjusting the menu, finding foods that travel well, and lots of creativity.

"Your ideas have to come to fruition right away and they have to be good," said Chef Mike Zinser.

Zinser has put together make your own gourmet pizza kits people can put together with their kids.

"We’re doing our wood-fired pizzas, we’re doing a par-baked crust where you can kind of do it at home."

All with instructional videos posted online, including the inside scoop on making the best drinks from the restaurant’s long-time bartender.

"It’s been amazing," added Bob. "You become aware of what you can really do in a couple hours."

With the governor issuing an extension on Wednesday to his stay at home order, meaning it will last through May 4, means things will continue to look a little different at Bacio.

"I’m not surprised," said Bob. "I had hoped for something different but at the same time it makes sense."

The crew says they’ll continue to cook and feed.

"If they can take something home with them that can brighten their day a bit," said Jill. "We’re all for that."