Presidential hopeful 'Deez Nuts' stops by the State Fair

Political candidates head out the state fair every year, but this year the youngest and one of the most talked about candidates stopped by.

15-year-old Brady Olson, also known as ‘Deez Nuts’ made his mark at the Independent Party booth Saturday.
"I was shocked that they included me in the polls to begin with." Olson said.
"Deez Nuts… and I'm running for President of the United States." Olson said.

While it sounds like a joke to many, he’s actually pretty serious. Since early August, Mr. Nuts has been polling at 8% in Minnesota which means he’s trailing only Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

"People want a better option than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump and they want a better option than a two party system." Olson said.

Brady’s younger brother suggested the name “Deez Nuts” and Brady took it from there. His mom, Teresa Olson took on the role of campaign manager.
"The only thing I was remotely upset about is he comes up with this assumed name and he uses the home address." Teresa Olson said. 

The teenager from Iowa shared his passion for the environment and mentioned the wall along Mexico.
"I don't think we need to build a wall we can just re-enforce the ones we have now." Olson said.

And he already has some endorsements…
"Warren G endorsed me and he started Deez nuts." Olson said.

Brady Olson technically can’t run for president until he turns 35-years-old, but he is posing some pretty big questions that just might make a difference.