Police, school investigate reported hazing incident at Cooper High School

New Hope police say they are investigating after a hazing incident at Cooper High School that reportedly involved a football team at the school.

New Hope police say they received an anonymous tip regarding a "juvenile incident" at Cooper High School on Oct. 12. Investigators were immediately assigned, and the investigation is currently active. 

According to police, both the victim and suspect of the incident are juveniles. 

In a statement to FOX 9, the district says, "The hazing incident was investigated when it happened, and building administrators have completed their internal process." District officials also added they cannot discuss the outcome of the investigation or the consequences that may have happened.

However, school leaders say the reported incident did not involve varsity players.

In a letter sent to parents on Oct. 13, the school states that they received a tip about the incident through their district tip line, and due to state data privacy laws, they could not share more information on the incident.