Pope Francis to make week-long tour in the U.S.

With less than 24 hours before the pope arrives in the United States, excitement and expectations are building.  The week-long tour will start in the nation’s capital with a stop in New York before finishing in Philadelphia. 

Along the way, Pope Francis will meet with President Obama and other civic leaders. But it's the less glamorous parts of the schedule that may define the trip such as the many schools, prisons and social centers he’s planned to go to.

The Pope has managed to bridge divides once thought out of reach, opening the church up to compromise and even change.

"He brings this quiet charisma and he's not too caught up in the formalities of the church but really wants the church to get back to basics,” Temple Israel ‘s head rabbi Marcia Zimmerman said.

Rabbi Zimmerman is among a growing number of religious leaders to join the Francis fan club. Beyond his efforts in the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis has made a point to embrace those of all religious backgrounds.

"He's an intellectual that mixes books and experiences, that's new,” University of St. Thomas theology professor Massimo Faggioli said.

And it's that unique skill set that may make his visit to America among the most memorable papal visits of all time.