Pool of lists says Twin Cities 'absolute best' place to live

Minneapolis and St. Paul often make appearances on lists of the best parks, trails, places for singles, art, dining, employment (and more), but this time, the Twin Cities metro topped a list made of many lists.

The website, Patch of Earth, decided to put seven different, “major” lists together to find the “absolute best” place to live in the United States.

“We left out any lists that were tailored to one gender only, or one career only. Then we looked at which cities consistently appeared on multiple lists, and tallied up the ones that appeared most often to come up with our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Read on to find out which cities made our Top 8 cities in the US, then read the lists to find out why they stand out from the crowd.”

The Twin Cities metro showed up on five of the lists used, and the website says it’s “considered very green, with a great food scene and fantastic job market.”

Tied for second place are Denver, Portland, and Austin.

Lists used

Wallethub.com’s America’s Greenest Cities
Travel + Leisure Magazine’s America’s Best Cities for Foodies
Bankrate.com’s 10 Best Cities for Retirement in America
Nerdwallet.com’s Best Cities for Job Seekers
Amazon’s Most Well-Read Cities in America
Fortune magazine’s Best Cities to Get a Job in 2015
BestColleges.com’s  13 Best Cities for Students Without a Car 2015

h/t Star Tribune