Poll: Minnesotans high on legal marijuana

About 55% of Minnesotans think marijuana should be legalized statewide. (Photo by Alain Pitton/NurPhoto via Getty Images) (Alain Pitton / Getty Images)

In their state fair polls, the Minnesota House and Senate both asked whether recreational marijuana should be legalized at age 21. The results were almost identical:


Yes: 56%

No: 34%

Undecided: 10%


Yes: 55%

No: 36%

Undecided: 9%

House Democratic leaders say a marijuana legalization bill will be a top priority in the 2020 session. Republicans who control the Senate oppose legalization.

The House and Senate asked separate questions about gun control, too.

89% said background checks should be required on all gun sales, in response to the House's poll. 85% favor the concepts in so-called "red flag laws," in response to the Senate's poll.

More than 11,100 people took the House poll

More than 6,900 people took the Senate poll