Police: Uptown block shot up during memorial for homicide victim

A burst of gunfire late Sunday night in Uptown, which left an apartment building shot up and flooded out, followed a memorial for a man killed earlier in the weekend.

Minneapolis police responded shortly after 9 p.m. on Sunday to Fremont Avenue South, just south of the Greenway, for the report of numerous shots fired.

At the scene, officers found an apartment building with damaged windows and a fire sprinkler that had been struck, which caused flooding in several apartments in the vacant building. Two women who were also injured by broken glass when gunfire hit their vehicle, police said.

According to investigators, it appears shots were fired by a person in a vehicle and another person on foot.

When shots rang out Sunday, police say a group had gathered to remember 21-year-old Vintrez Lamont. Lamont was killed two days earlier on Friday night in a shooting at the same spot in Uptown.

The investigation into both shootings is ongoing. Police are looking into if Sunday's shooting is connected to the homicide.

Aside from this weekend's violence, police say that area of Uptown has seen increased reports of gunfire recently. The police department says it has increased its patrols in the area.

Residents left shaken by shootings

People living in an Uptown apartment building are left shaken after a barrage of gunfire broke out Sunday night sending bullets through several windows and causing many units to flood when a bullet hit a sprinkler.

One neighbor said they looked out their window and witnessed a man on foot firing a gun across the street.

"I went to the window to see what was going on," he said. "I just thought he was a bystander and then I saw him put his arm up and I saw the gunfire."

The shooting occurred two days after police say a 22-year-old man was killed at the same intersection. Sunday’s shooting came around the time that a vigil was taking place for the homicide victim.

As of Monday evening, there were no arrests.