Police: Someone still trying to poison dogs in St. Paul

St. Paul police are warning residents about yet another case of someone in the area trying to poison dogs.

On Thursday evening, a dog owner reported suspicious bread inside their fenced-in backyard on the 1200 block of Minnehaha Avenue West.
“We hadn't heard anything in a while,”  Sgt. Mike Ernster said. 

Over the summer, eight other dogs were poisoned with dog biscuits thrown into their yards and at least three died, according to Ernster. Now, five months later, bread that is also possibly laced with rat poison is popping up within the same four-block radius.

“This is more of a loaf of bread that was torn apart and put near the food dish, rather than a  biscuit that had rat poison inserted into it,” Ernster told Fox 9. “It's a little bit different. There's not obvious poison in this bread,  but we've recovered it." 

Police encourage pet owners to check their yards before letting dogs out and to report anything suspicious.

“This instance, police learned the neighbor possibly had something  two weeks prior, but did not report it. So we are urging everyone to please let us know so we know what’s going on in that area," Ernster said. 

Lucy lives in the neighborhood with her dog, Frieda. She wonders what could possibly be the motive behind hurting innocent dogs.  

“It's sad when people want to be indirect. It always bothers me when people through their actions want to say something. If they are angry about something, they need to say  they are angry,” Lucy says. “We have a lot of dogs in the neighborhood and it's very sad someone would want to do harm.”

Police suggest if  you live in the area of Lexington Avenue and Minnehaha Avenue West and you happen  find bread in your yard,  use  a plastic bag to pick it up just in case there is poison on it.