Police investigating after shots fired following road rage incident in Richfield, Minnesota

Police are investigating after a road rage incident led to shots fired in Richfield, Minnesota. No one was injured.

According to police, at about 12:30 p.m. Saturday, two cars were heading south on I-35W in Minneapolis. An altercation ensued between the drivers, and the two vehicles collided.

Authorities said the vehicles then exited the freeway in Richfield, where one driver followed the other to the intersection of 67th Street and 5th Avenue. The first driver pulled over to exchange insurance information. However, the second driver instead drove by and fired 2-3 gunshots at the first driver.

The shooting suspect immediately fled the area in his vehicle, which police said is a silver passenger car displaying yellow temporary registration in his rear window and orange dealership plates.

Two bullet holes were found on the victim’s vehicle. The two occupants of the victim’s vehicle were not struck by gunfire and were not injured.

The suspect and/or his vehicle has not yet been located.

If you have any knowledge regarding this incident, please contact the Richfield Police Department at (612) 861-9800.