Patty Wetterling shares her journey after abduction of son Jacob in new book

After more than three decades as one of the most well-known people in Minnesota, Patty Wetterling is starting a new chapter in her life, as an author.

"It's a little scary. I feel good about it. It's kind of a gift back," said Wetterling.

Wetterling was the main speaker at the official launch of her new memoir titled "Dear Jacob: A Mother's Journey of Hope" at the Minneapolis Central Library.

She says it's a behind-the-scenes look at a crime that shaped the state and the hope, grief, and gratitude she's experienced since it happened.

"This is my reflection on the journey of trying to find Jacob, what gave me strength, what was difficult, and how you keep going," said Wetterling.

It was October 22, 1989, when Wetterling's 11-year-old son Jacob was abducted by an armed man wearing a mask while riding his bike home with his younger brother and a friend near the Wetterling's home in St. Joseph.

Jacob's disappearance wasn't solved until 2016 when Danny Heinrich admitted to abducting, sexually assaulting, and murdering him, ending a 27-year ordeal for the Wetterlings.

"It was devastatingly awful. Something I hope nobody ever goes through, and it took me about two years to get on my feet," said Wetterling.

Now Wetterling says sharing her story is one way to say thank you to all the people who have supported her family along the way.

"We were carried by the entire state and region. I wouldn't be alive and functioning without you all, so thank you," said Wetterling.