Omar vs. Samuels: Congressional candidates make final push before primary

Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District is one of the most progressive congressional districts in the country; and in this Tuesday’s primary election, voters will pick a Democratic nominee for November’s ballot. Their options are two-term incumbent congresswoman Ilhan Omar and her challenger former Minneapolis city councilmember Don Samuels.

"Don Samuels has never been a voice of reason on anything," Omar told FOX 9 on Sunday.

"She just repels in, dips in, runs back out," Samuels responded. "I’ll stay here in the house I’ve lived in for 26 years. I’ll connect with all, have town hall meetings with all the various communities, I’ll be approachable, I’ll be accessible."

Omar has the DFL party’s endorsement, but Samuels has received endorsements from Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and mayors in St. Louis Park, Golden Valley, Edina, and New Hope.

On Sunday, Omar’s colleagues were in the Twin Cities to support her re-election bid, including Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, Missouri Congresswoman Cori Bush, and Massachusetts Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley.

"We would not just be here for anybody, I’m telling you," Tlaib told a crowd. "We love you Ilhan, we do."

"The same fire and push that it took to get our sister elected is the same fire and push it will take to keep her elected," Bush continued.

"We need her, we need to send her back," Pressley finished.

Across town, Don Samuels says "The Squad" doesn’t intimidate him.

"You notice the squad does not include any of the local delegation here, [it] doesn’t include Dean Phillips, it doesn’t include Amy Klobuchar, Tina Smith, doesn’t include Angie Craig," Samuels countered. "It’s people from out of town."

Two day out from primary day, on Sunday he was door knocking, to make sure voters know what is on the line on Tuesday, "She has been very a spitfire, people say that she represents that hardcore that doesn’t compromise,’ Samuels said. "That’s great if you’re an activist, but if you want to get things done you have to compromise."

"The people who are mad are people who have been ineffective for way too long in our city, in our state, [they] are upset because we are finally getting things done for the people," Omar finished.

Tuesday’s winner will face off against either Cicely Davis, Royce White or Guy Gaskin. A Republican has not held the seat since 1963.