Officials: Group of suspected overdoses linked to similar pills

The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a series of suspected drug overdoses believed to involve the same type or similar pills.

Between May 8 and May 21, the sheriff's office and local police have responded to and investigated three deaths, all of which are believed to be drug overdoses. 

On May 22, the Coon Rapids Police Department and medical personnel responded to two separate incidents of possible drug overdose involving two people. In those cases, one person survived and one died.

At the scene of each of the incidents were pills that had similar characteristics to each other. The pills have been described as being light colored or light blue in color with the letter “M” bordered by a square on them.

During investigations across Minnesota and the nation, similar pills have been found to be tainted or counterfeit oxycodone pills. Some of those pills have been found to contain fentanyl.

Officials are using these incidents to remind the public not to take drugs that are not prescribed to you.

The cases are still under investigation.