North Minneapolis community holds vigil for 3 children killed in fire

As investigators try to piece together what led to three children losing their lives in a north Minneapolis house fire over the weekend, the grieving community held a vigil Tuesday night.

They bowed their heads and prayed for healing – “Now is the time to come together in prayer because this is going to take healing."

About a mile from the vigil at Holsey Memorial Church is the house where 6-tear-old Latorious, 5-year-old Latora and 1-year-old Latorianna were killed. North Minneapolis residents are hoping to build up a community drowning in sorrow.

"I could not imagine,” community peacemaker KG Wilson said. “My whole existence is here in my child, my daughter, and trying to raise her up. And so the thought of it crushes my heart."

Fire officials say the fire started in the kitchen where the oven was being used for heat. Although the organizers of the vigil didn't know the children or their family, they say they felt called to pray for the family and support the community.

“We don't need to wait around until anyone else tells us what to do,” resident John Martin said. “Sometimes it takes you and me to step up to the plate and be leaders."

Records show the house passed an inspection in January of this year, but many are questioning the landlord for boarded up windows and lack of heat. Others also question whether there were any adults in the house at the time of the fire.

But Tuesday was about nothing more than prayer and support.

“Whatever investigations come, that's what I'm going to leave with the investigators but right now we have to heal as a community,” Wilson said.