Nonprofit resumes search for Henry McCabe in New Brighton, Minn.

It’s been more than three weeks since Henry McCabe was last seen in Fridley, Minn., but those who know the 32-year-old Department of Revenue auditor are not giving up.

Volunteers resumed their search last weekend in hopes they will find the beloved father and friend, who disappeared on Sept. 7.

McCabe’s friends tell Fox 9 he left a nightclub in Spring Lake Park early in the morning with an acquaintance.  The acquaintance reportedly dropped him off at a SuperAmerica gas station on Highway 65 and 73rd Ave. in Fridley. 

However, a nonprofit group says they have reason to believe otherwise. The group says the location of the last ping of his cell phone came from New Brighton, which is where volunteers picked up the search Saturday Sept. 26.

Chief Tom Kinny of the Mounds View Police Department has not confirmed the information issued by the nonprofit. At last check, his department has searched wooded areas in mounds view near McCabe's home.

Police say they're still actively looking into phone and financial records and doing everything they can to find him.