Newlywed stunt doubles light themselves on fire on wedding day

A bride and groom definitely heated things up on their wedding day after intentionally setting themselves on fire – but it's OK, they are professionals. 

Ambyr Mishelle and her new husband, Gabe Jessop, were filmed after they set fire to their backs and made one very careful walk among their guests. The flames were then quickly put out by fire extinguishers as family and friends cheered them on. 

It was their grand exit from the wedding. The couple's wedding photographer was impressed.

"No other wedding exit will ever compare to this," David Terry stated.

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According to Yahoo, the newlyweds are stunt doubles and have worked in projects like "Yellowstone" and "Hereditary."

Jessop shared the video to his Instagram account, saying, "may the fire burn in our hearts for the rest of our lives."

Clearly, the pair have found that special spark.

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