New tax bill likely faces veto despite last-minute addition of school money

The Minnesota Legislature has sent Gov. Mark Dayton a bill that modestly cuts income tax rates for many Minnesotans and gives struggling public schools more money, despite his repeated vows to veto the measures.

Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed a separate, GOP-backed tax measure last week, saying lawmakers must first provide $138 million for school districts facing budget deficits. Republicans then wedged some school support into a similar tax bill against Dayton's wishes. 

“I’ve seen nothing that will indicate to me that I will sign any one of them,” Dayton said Sunday evening at a press conference, maintaining that the tax bill doesn't capture enough foreign profits and that the 1,000-page budget bill is riddled with concerns. 

The House and Senate passed the most recent bill Sunday just hours ahead of a midnight deadline to finish their work. The bill also syncs Minnesota's tax code with the federal government to avert a potentially complicated 2019 tax filing season.

The governor has up to two weeks to decide whether to sign the bill. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.