Mow to grow for Haiti

A group of Waseca teens are mowing their way through Minnesota this summer, so they can help a country half a world away.

Tobey Skogen doesn’t mind sweating and pulling weeds for several hours for a good cause.

“My goal has always been to help people who don't have what we have.” Tobey Skogen said.

He says yard work is easy compared to the hardship so many face in Haiti, a Caribbean country still recovering from an earth quake five years ago that devastated the region.

“We get the experience of going to Haiti and hopefully having our lives changed by being able to help the people in the poorest country in the western hemisphere.” Bodie Bice said.

Skogen and six other teenagers from Waseca are heading to Port Au Prince in the fall. They will be working with a nonprofit called, ‘Healing Haiti.” The nonprofit brings clean water to villages, hospitals and orphanages.

They each need to raise $1700 dollars for travel, so they're doing yard work this summer and doing any job for a donation.

“We will do whatever it takes; we will go anywhere if we need to. We will go to Duluth if somebody called us up there.” Bodie Bice said.

Along this journey, the teens aren't just learning how to make money, they're also getting perspective.

“They're going to appreciate the simple things like water, and a house, and shoes. Some of these kids have never had a pair of shoes on their feet.” Shannon Bice said.

Parents like Shannon Bice say this trip isn't just for the people of Haiti, but also for the teens.

“So I hope this will change their life and be grateful for what they have and continue to serve others. “ Shannon Bice said.

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