MnDOT helps build solar garden on top level of Ramp A in downtown Minneapolis

A solar garden on the top level of the Ramp A parking ramp in downtown Minneapolis is now producing electricity. ( Minnesota Department of Transportation )

A new solar garden built on the roof of a state-owned parking ramp near Target Field is now producing electricity in downtown Minneapolis. 

The company, Cooperative Energy Futures, leased space on the top level of Ramp A from the Minnesota Department of Transportation to build the solar garden, which consists of 3,760 panels expected to produce 1.4-megawatt hours of electricity per year, according to a news release. The solar panels cover more than half of the parking spaces on the parking deck.

MnDOT said no parking spots were lost during construction. 

Cooperative Energy Futures will sell solar garden subscriptions to residents and businesses, who will receive credits on their electric bills for the electricity produced by their portion of the solar garden’s production.

CEF will sell 80 percent of subscriptions to residential households, mostly in Minneapolis. The remaining 20 percent will go to MnDOT. 

CEF and MnDOT will hold a community event on Saturday, Oct. 20 where residents can learn about how to become a subscriber.