Mitchell Hamline School of Law to hold classes completely online this fall

The Mitchell Hamline School of Law will hold classes completely online this fall semester, according to notice sent to students from the president and dean of the school.

This decision comes as schools and universities across the country are still finalizing fall teaching plans amid the coronavirus pandemic. Other Minnesota universities, including the University of Minnesota and the University of St. Thomas, are opting for a hybrid of in-person and remote learning. In June, Mitchell Hamline announced similar plans, but as the amount of COVID-19 cases rose in the Minnesota, the dean changed his decision.

"In short: The virus spread has not moderated in the way we thought and in fact appears to be worsening, and because of our expertise in online legal education we can go remote and lower the health risk for our faculty, staff, and students while providing a quality educational experience," wrote Mitchell Hamline School of Law President and Dean Anthony Niedwiecki. "The risk of holding in-person classes during this time is not worth taking."

The school will also not be hosting any outside groups for events on the campus. The library, however, will remain open. Faculty and staff will still be able to work on campus. In the coming weeks, school leaders plan to release a phased reopening plan fot the campus.

According to school data, nearly 1,200 students make up the total enrollment at the Mitchell Hamline School of Law.