Minnesotans celebrate 'National Hammock Day' at Lake Nokomis

Happy National Hammock Day! Gone are the days when it was something you did on vacation or in the backyard -- the kids now call it "mocking" and it’s become a cool way to hang with your friends.

A group gathered near Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis on Wednesday to sway and celebrate in the trees. The event was posted on the Facebook page of an organization called “Hammock Initiative.”

"Sometimes it's a small group and yesterday I was at the rose garden and we had 14 hammocks up in one tree," 14-year-old Penn Barnes said.  

After launching its first community-engagement project on National Hammock Day in 2014, Hammock Initiative responded to demands for more “sway” by creating collegiate hammock clubs and then into remote corners of the world through self-proclaimed "Hammbassadors."

“We're encouraging people to relax,” Drew Spooner, “Hambassador” for Hammock Initiative said.  “We just want people being in hammocks. We don't really have an audacious vision but that's our point. Just an opportunity for people to be, not do.”