Minnesotan wins World Karaoke Championships, promotes positive message on stage

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He has officially been crowned Karaoke Champion of the world, and he calls Minneapolis home.

Mikko Blaze Bordeaux took home the title Friday night in Finland after four days of competition.

Bordeaux describes it as the Olympics of Karaoke because each country brings their best talent. He also said it’s the best concert nobody knows about.

Bordeaux has been to the competition twice now, but this year has been a big year for the Minnesotan for more than one reason.

He discovered his voice when he was five years old, but he found his direction three years ago.

“I started out a bar, Cliff and Norms in North Minneapolis,” he told FOX 9 Saturday. “I won the bar final, then I won the state. Then I went to nationals, which at the time was in Seattle.”

Friday night, in front of the world, he realized just how powerful his message could be.

“The song is about rising up and standing up. And even when there is animosity around, how people can still overcome.” said Bordeaux. “And I wanted to drive that point in there, and I wanted to use the visibility I had for good.”

This year, the Karaoke World Championship eliminated its gender categories, opening the door for Bordeaux to become the first transgender person to win the solo title.

“Just with everything going on in the U.S. - a lot of separation, a lot of turmoil and animosity that my community is feeling, I just feel like I was an ambassador and I had an opportunity on a world stage to be seen,” Bordeaux said.

However, the singer doesn’t just use the world stage to promote a positive message. As a trained chef, he uses his kitchen at the Oak Park Pillsbury United Community Center to help those in need.

“We just kind of help them whenever I can,” he said. “And my job is just to cook them a delicious, warm meal, which I think everyone should have regardless of your financial status is, and whatever your background is I think everyone deserves to have a free meal.”

For this Minnesotan, it’s about using his voice and using his stage, wherever it may be, to promote his message.

"I’m just going to put myself out there,” he said. “I think winning this gold medal proved to me that I have something special, and so now I am just going to go full force.”

Bordeaux tried out for "The Voice" and "American Idol" twice and was turned down all four times. He says, however, he is not giving up and plans to try again.

He returns to Minnesota Sunday morning.