Minnesota volunteer group makes sure vulnerable neighbors get critical supplies during pandemic


Across Minnesota, there are stories emerging of neighbors helping neighbors.

And there's one group using the power of social media and a network of connections to bring help to those who need it most.

One by one, a box is packed, stacked, and delivered, with each one lightening the load for a stranger in need.

"People are reaching out that need the help, and it's been a really wonderful thing to be able to give to people we don’t know," said Hannan Wazwaz of Khidma Initiative.

The organization is named with a word that means "to serve others."

"Khidma is an initiative that started the end of March," said Hannan. "We’re basically a group of young professionals that came together to provide a resource for the community."

Khidma delivers hygiene and food kits as well as hot meals. She also coordinates calls to those who need conversation and can make delivery runs. They do all of this without donations; instead they use resources that are already in place.

"So we reach out to restaurants, we reach out to nonprofits who have the resources and have the means to provide these kits and equipment and we’re putting them together by basically establishing a large volunteer base," said Hanaan.

They’re the ones that make the operation run.

"We have all this free time, can’t really go out, can’t do anything we would normally do on the weekend, so we decided rather than sitting around, why don’t we help out," said volunteer Sahro Ismail.

The group is aiming for 500 delivered kits a week. While there are challenges in a social-distancing world, the Khidma Initiative will find a way to make it work.

"At the end of the day, when your intention is to help, you will find ways and that god will open doors for you and I think that’s exactly what happened," concluded Hanaan.