Minnesota United stadium construction pushing out neighborhood businesses

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As progress continues on a new stadium for the Minnesota United soccer team, St. Paul officials say the team's owner has bought the last building standing in the way of the stadium’s construction.

But that means some longtime local businesses in the area will soon be displaced.

“We've been given our 90 day notice,” said Scott Koecheler, co-owner of Midway Pro Bowl.  “At this point, our end day, we have no idea.”

He thought there might be a chance the bowling alley and sports bar would be able to stay here in its longtime home, tucked inside the Midway Shopping Center in St. Paul.

But as plans for Allianz Field, the new home of the Minnesota United, took shape, it became clear the shopping center and the bowling alley stood in the way.

“And to kind of roll up shop and move out or store things or even to liquidate, it's going to be quite an operation,” Koecheler said.  “So we don't know if we're truly going to be able to do it in 90 days--if that's the time.”

Officials with the team did not return requests for comment, but touted the progress of the stadium construction at a news conference last month.

“I think by the end of December you're going to see this stuff coming out of the ground in a real way,” Nick Rogers, President of the Minnesota United, said at the news conference.

The $200 million stadium will have 19,000 seats and is privately funded, with plans for redevelopment around the stadium as well.

But Koecheler said he hasn't been approached about the future. He believes that after more than three decades, his business may have reached the end of its frame.

“It's very difficult to think about not being in and around the business. Maybe there's opportunities out there,” he said. “I certainty haven't taken time to explore it, because I've had fun doing what I was doing. Maybe there's a possibility for us to continue on, but I think it's very slim at this point."

Construction on the stadium is set to be complete in 2019.