Minnesota state troopers' speedy blood delivery saves new mom

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A new mom is thanking some Minnesota state troopers for their quick action after giving birth.

A happy ending for sure, but the moments leading up to this were intense and unpredictable as a routine  C-section turned into a hemmorage and major blood loss for new mom Lisa Jaeger.

“I recall the chaos erupting,” said Jaeger. “It was kind of bizarre. I could hear everything that was going on around me, but I was not responding to anything the doctors were saying or asking me to do.”

The Red Wing Hospital called the Red Cross for help, but getting the much needed blood from St. Paul to Red Wing had to happen fast or Lisa could die.

That's when three Minnesota state troopers were called into action for a blood run relay.

“I ran out of my squad; he ran out of his,” said Jacob Letourneau, a Minnesota state trooper. “He grabbed the box, it's in a box about this big. He handed it to me. I ran back to mine, threw it, closed the door and away I went.”

A blood run is actually part of the job for troopers. So far this year, the Minnesota State Patrol has done 37 blood runs. There were 89 last year and 70 the year before. The State Patrol says it's something they're good at and proud to do.

“Got it there quickly, got it there safely and got it there in time for doctors to use it and allow Lisa to make a full recovery,” said Col. Matt Langer, Chief of Minnesota State Patrol.

But this one was a bit different. Along the way, troopers learned that Lisa was actually one of their own. She's the fleet manager for the Minnesota State Patrol.

“When I found out it was one of our own, it made it a lot more personal,” said Letourneau.

“I've known about the blood run,” said Jaeger. “I've been on a ridealong where we actually did a blood run. Never thought in a million years that a blood run would be something that saved my life and so I'm very, very grateful to these troopers.”

Doctors told Lisa had the blood arrived just a few minutes later, she may not have made it. But thankfully, Lisa, her husband Brent and baby Ryan are doing well and enjoying life together.

“I've got quite a story to tell about him when he gets older,” said Jaeger.
In addition to blood runs, state troopers also transport plasma, platelets and organs upon request.